A few days of Arsenal.

_65475780_arsenal3Aloha! Tis been a while hasn’t it, I apologies for that, but I have my reasons. Arsene Wenger himself kidnapped me to his secret chambers, in the snowy mountains of Switzerland. I was told I knew too much about the club, my ambition and optimism gave them headaches. Pat Rice took me off to the lava, and on the verge of being dropped in guess who popped up. Nasri Fabregas and Van Persie. I took one look at my rescue party, turned to Pat Rice and proudly said ”Drop me in, they’re too many cunts in this room” The rest was history.

So yeah

That’s where I’ve been. That story is almost 13% true.

So anyway, what a few days it’s been! Man I’m happy again. When you watch your team pull off a twelve-minute hammering like that, you feel on top of the world. Until you face the realistic issues we still have. But that’s for another day.

First things first I ain’t going into a match report, you’re all Gooners. You know what happened.

I will however tell you that Podolski was ‘BEAST’ he put in one of those performances you cant fault. A goal and three assist, does it get much better? He’s surging runs through the heart of the Hammers midfield, and those lung bursting sprints he’d do just to make a pass, glorious. Wilshere again ran the show from the midfield, but don’t the opponents love smacking him down!? He gets battered to shreds every fucking game. Isn’t it nice having a mentally and physically tough future captain! Speaking of captain, the armband suits him, a lot. And before I forget, Giroud still a flop? Nope he ain’t. That’s 11 goals now I think. He isn’t Van Persie. But he can finish, that’s all that matters.

The West Ham game was a perfect example of what were capable of, but we can’t get carried away just yet. A stalemate in Brighton followed by a defeat to Liverpool will completely change this season. That can’t happen. We need to build on this. Head off to Brighton and play most first team’rs and get the bloody job done. Followed by a home game against Liverpool, which is easily winnable, cause lets face it Liverpool ain’t that good of a team bar Suarez.

Moving swiftly on.

No one has yet to sign, and Arsene Wenger has gone on to deny any David Villa rumors..

We are not on the case

That means we’ve signed him for anyone who doesn’t understand Wenger. It’s an odd language he use’s, full of riddles and hypocrisy, and when he says were not interested, we sure bloody are!

Okay but maybe were not actually and he’s telling the truth.

He’s also denied rumors with him taking over Schalke. Schalke!? Where the fuck did they come from?… I literally haven’t heard anything to do with that. But as Wenger says here we have nothing to worry about

I am totally committed to this club [Arsenal].

And we’ve also been told not to expect any January miracles.. In all fairness he points out that when all fit this is a strong team, but when are they all fit? Never. And he also goes on with the whole ”If the right player” bollocks.

If somebody else can strengthen our squad we will of course do it, I have said that many times but we have the resources inside to do well. We have two players in every position and that should be basically enough plus the young players we have in behind.

I’m fully behind Wenger, but surely he needs to sign some fucking players, we can all agree on that! Yes we have two players in each position, but let me remind you what players we have.

Santos for Gibbs.. Fuck.

If another center back goes out we have Squillaci or Miquel. Fucking fuck fuck.

That’s not strength in depth, that’s shit squad players covering over the cracks. Not exactly what we want is it now..

But, let’s be happy we won.

So I’ll finish off here and prepare myself for what I hope is a long and  successful season. Ha.

Back tomorrow.




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