Heart attacks and clean sheets.

n_arsenal_fc_match_day_1_arsenal_vs_sunderland-4946910Is it over? Has he… blown the whistle? He has? Thank fuck. That was terrifying, those 90 minutes put a downer on my whole day, until the whistle was blown. Thank you Arsenal. Not only have you given more than I can recall amount of heart attacks, you also make me sit through laggy Arabic streams.

So, to the game.

Sunderland have a piss poor defence, so I was quietly hopefully pre-game. And from the off Walcott was already causing major problems down the wing and cutting in, I was enjoying myself very early on for once. Speed forward 30 minutes and the first goal was scored, thanks to our lovely Spanish magician ‘Cathorla’. Wilshere beats three men with such unbelievable ease I laughed a little. The ball played to Walcott who shimmers across the box and lays it to Santi to smack home, the joy.

The second half was horrid.

Sunderland obviously found our weakness. Play football around our box. The pressure was unrelentless and the sending off of Jenks didn’t really help our cause.  We did naturally miss countless chances. The game could of been 5-0, but no, we chose today to be selfish in front of goal. Sunderland pushed and pushed, but Sagna wasn’t having any of it, nor was Sir Chesney. Going into the 90th minute, I slowly saw tears dropping down my face when the 4 minutes injury time was announced. Arsenal once more sat back and defended and cleared and defended and cleared, vice versa. The joy was clear as soon as the whistle was blew, Sagna looked like an Alien popped out of his chest as he screamed and punched the air. I slowly pulled myself off the floor and told myself it’d be okay.

Anyway, if someone genuinely has a problem with this result, then go support United or some shit cause that was glorious in its own right. Not only was it a superb defensively display,  but that’s two clean sheets in a row. This clean sheet with a particularly shit make shift defence.

Sagna was an absolute don at center back. His form has been a bit up and down this season. Mostly down. He looked so calm and composed at the back, won headers against players twice his bloody size, and never looked like a nervous reck. With our difficult injury problems at the back, it looks like we have someone to look to.

The front line looked strong and threatening for most of the game, unless we were pinned back in our half that is. Giroud looked strong with build up play, and probably should of scored more a few bloody times. Walcott was always looking like a problem for Sunderland, and was hugely unlucky to see his effort bounce back off the post.

Wilshere was ‘precautionary’ brought off after a one two went wrong. Cazorla already haven scored and looked brilliant thus far, took over the attacking role. When the team did have the ball he did look great on either foot, and the pass he played to Walcott before he hit the post, WOOF.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this, back to back clean sheets. I have no right to complain! Let’s hope Wilshere’s alright though..

Back tomorrow.


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Brilliant Wilshere.

Hot stuffAfter a sleepless night, with the thought of Wilshere picking up an injury on the team bus, I think we’ve managed to survive these International fucking friendly’s. What point are they? Is it so Roy Hodgson can see how brilliant Wilshere is? Or is it to see how unbelievably average Cleverley is? I’m gonna say both.

I was quite relieved after these fixtures to see only possible injury’s, cause being Arsenal, there’s always something. I only saw two Gooners on show last night (Jack & Theo) but you can tell Arsenal are going to have a massive part in the English future. Jack ran the show against Brazil, his elegant slick passing and his unbelievable ease at dribbling past a man is to die for, he’s truly great. Walcott as well was a breath of fresh air for England. At first he wasn’t involved in the game, but he slowly started turning on the pace down that right hand side. He’s shot saved by Julior Cesar fell to Wazza to tap, so he did play a big part in the first goal. Come to the 60th minute and he was torturing, literally, torturing Adriano down the wing. A nudge of the ball and sudden burst of pace proved too much for the Barcelona left-back.

Now, we’ve all realised how great Theo & Jack are, but I don’t think anyone really wants to know about an International friendly, so I’ll leave that section for now.


Back to business.

The Telegraph are reporting our interest in Toulouse battler Ettiene Capoue. The defensive-midfielder is the better M’vila, yet no fans seem that interested in him, except the odd one who talks some sense. A big lad whose dominated Ligue 1 midfields for a while now, needs a bit more recognition. Arsenal ‘supposedly’ just about missed out on him in January, if so we can possible hope for a move in the Summer, like The Telegraph are reporting. Song was great for ‘us’ but wasn’t necessarily world-class. A move for Capoue would add even more depth to this midfield and give us that extra bit of strength that’s needed. If this signing happens, then it’ll be another smart one from Wenger, exactly like the Monreal one. A top player for cheap. That’s got Arsene written all over it!

So anyway, our beautiful handsome and sexual beast (too far?) Olivier Giroud has stated he’s having a better first season than van Persie!

I don’t know a striker who isn’t interested in his statistics. Since the start of the season I’ve got 14 goals and 11 assists.

Yes you bloody do have 14 goals, you bloody flop!

That was sarcastic by the way…

For a first season it’s better than Van Persie when he started, even though he was younger. When I arrived at Arsenal, there were some worries

And there he’s hit the jackpot, he’s had a better first season than van Persie, get over it. He’s not the same player at all, and with technical ability he’s no where near van cunt face level. But he can shoot with his left and right, and head the ball. He’s strong at holding the play up and involves everyone around him in the attack. Don’t judge him by his pace and how many roulettes he does, look at his statistics, and fucking think again.

Anyway, I’ve got a meeting to attend to.

Jokes on you I don’t really.

Back tomorrow.


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International Friendly’s..

lukas-podolskiWith the Transfer Window closed, a midweek blog on Arsenal is a bit hard. I don’t really see what could have changed since yesterday… Okay, here’s an idea. I’ll give you a link to this video, and you can thank me later. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rbnikVO1rs

Anyway. A pointless International friendly tomorrow, but playing Brasil does make it slightly more interesting. I fully expect Walcott & Wilshere to start. I also expect one of them to pick up an injury. And also, Van Persie better get injured soon, this is getting ridiculous! How is is as soon as he leaves us he’s fit as can be!? Bullshit. Walcott could start up front, with Sturridge out. That’d be nice, he deserves that seeing as Giroud’s stolen that position at the club. Brazil have a great squad, and defensively their stronger than usual. However, Walcott could be the difference between the two squads. I know that’s a big thing to say, but I do believe it’s true.

Seriously there’s nothing going on.

Cavani has claimed he’s only just heard of the Arsenal rumours, so I guess we can say bye bye to that one. And with him also stating he’d prefer Barcelona or Real Madrid, we really shouldn’t think about him in an Arsenal shirt again. It’s a shame really, signing him would of been the biggest statement the club has ever made. People with their so called ‘sources’ are saying 3 big name players will be signed in the Summer. I don’t believe them. If you do, I feel bad for you. These guys make bullshit up for a living. And just because they tweet in a ‘smart’ way we tend to fall for there crap!

*Searching for transfer rumours in February*

There aren’t any let’s face it, we have too wait at least another 2 weeks before it’s acceptable to start them again.

Oh and they’ve updated the Arsenal website, it looks a lot more like a blog now. I can’t believe I’m actually putting that in my blog.

Sunderland this weekend, that really shouldn’t be seen as a difficult match.  They haven’t had a great season, and with us turning in some good form, this match should be an easy 3 points. 4 Points off Spurs is disgusting to look at, it just feels wrong. They have Newcastle on the weekend, that’s a good chance for us to gain some points.

Okay, I have a baaaad headache and there’s nothing going on.

Back tomorrow.


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Gervinho’s return & The clash with Bayern.

Arsenal's Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, watches his shot on goal saved by Stoke City's Asmir BegovicPhew. The Orcs of Mordor have left our beautiful but yet to see success stadium. And with them leaving without gaining anything, our knights in shining armor most of done something right..

Gooners are still looking for some way to criticize the team, and go ahead do that. Because no one can put in a perfect performance. A clean sheet, a win, 3 points! What’s wrong with that!? Yes we could of won by more, but at least that means we’re creating chances not passing it around the box. I’m happy with this. Everyone else should be happy with this. Stoke are a tough side defensively, a lot of teams have struggled against them. So stop moaning like 60 year old pensioners and enjoy the team winning for once, you old sods!

In other news Walcott reckons we could win a trophy at some point, at least he has ambition compared to some..Walcott wants the F.A Cup, and I don’t see why we can’t look to that for our trophy. The Capitol One Cup would of been easier, but why would we want an easy trophy, huh!?

It’s been a long time [since we won anything], everyone knows that and as players we know it’s not good enough. We need to be achieving what Arsenal did in previous history,

Good thinking Theo. Good thinking.

I want to be part of that and I’m definitely ready for the battle. We’ve got a great chance in the FA Cup and, although we’ve got a very tough game against Bayern [in the Champions League], I believe we can win that as well.

It’s nice seeing how much Theo has matured, a few years back he wouldn’t of been talking up the team like this. He’s a leader, not a leader like Jack, but still one of the wise heads of this squad. Jack shows his passion and leadership skills on the pitch with his bulldog approach. Theo is different, but he’ll still fight for every ball there is to fight for, and even with the crowd hurling abuse at him, he keeps on going.

The match versus Bayern will be hard, a fight, a fucking battle. Can we win. Ehhh. It’s hard to tell, we don’t know what personality the teams are gonna show up with. It could be the Bayern bottlers v The Arsenal, or the Imperial Munchen v The slow to start Arsenal. Either way we’re the underdogs, let’s use that to our advantage.

One more thing.

Gervinho. The king of all foreheads is returning. He had a wonderful AFCON with 2 goals and a assist. Add that with his two MOTM performances and he’s definitely been the best player there thus far. Last year he came back weeping away the pain after his penalty-kick resulted in Ivory Coast losing the final. His form and and ability flashed away before his eyes. He’s never been the same since. This time he wasn’t at fault for the crash out of the competition, he was actually one of the best performers for Ivory Coast. He needs a rest that’s for sure, a few weeks would do, seeing as he’d still play the same amount of games in the Premier League if he didn’t go. If that makes sense. He doesn’t deserve to start, but he’s more than capable of fighting for a place in this team. If he could bring back the sensational for from Lille and the AFCON, surely he could become a valuable team player?

Tell me what you think.

Back tomorrow.


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1-0 To the football team.

Lukas+PodolskiHello all! What a joyous cold horrible evening it is today in Suffolk. (I know, why would anyone want to live in Suffolk!?) But my spirit is high thanks to a certain 11 lads earning stupid money for kicking a ball around.

It took me a while to find a link for this game, so I can’t really go into how we started. But I caught the last 30 minutes of the first-half. From what I saw, we were really comfortable, too comfortable. I was genuinely sure they would catch us on the break. An image of Crouch racing away like a ‘special’ horsey after scoring kept on creeping into my head. I just knew in my mind we wouldn’t be able to handle his motherfucking HUGE size. But I was wrong, and closing in on half-time there wasn’t any trouble from Stoke. Arteta had a good first-half, controlled the tempo and rarely looked like he was going to lose the ball. Very happy to have our ken back.

The orcs of Mordor marched on at half-time and had their game plan set; Park the orc siege tower. And they did it well. Despite complete control of the game we were still struggling to find our way through. Walcott was energetic down the wing, and was tricking his way past the full-backs. And even though he chased after every ball, and worked hard, even he couldn’t find a way through the wall of Uruk-Hai. Substitution’s were needed, Podolski and Cazorla to the rescue it seemed. A mate of mine watching the game with me knows near to nothing about football, but told me the game would stay 0-0, and towards the end Podolski would score a free-kick. That’s exactly what Podolski did! His free-kick was deflected in by Jerome. I went insane. So did Twitter. Then the linesman called for offside. Walcott was in an offside position, but he didn’t touch the ball! So that linesman can fuck off.

Few things I was happy with.

Nacho ‘tactical Monreal.

Yes, tactical was used by 22,983 people when Monreal was on the ball, and I don’t blame them. It was his debut, he wasn’t there to mess around. A solid display at Left-back and he gave some Orc a bloody nose, what a reputation he’s got now! As Wenger said there’s nothing harder than having a debut against Stoke, and we all knew it was going to be tough,  escpecially for him. But he played well and showed some very good link up play with Wilshere-Ox. And one more thing. He can cross! He’s crosses were actually causing problems! They didn’t just skid hopelessly across the ground, but they actually went over heads and caused problems! I like Nacho.

Arteta was missed. A lot.

No player can be rated so highly at Arsenal and not so much everywhere else. As soon as I muted the Arabic screaming in my stream the first thing I saw was Arteta controlling the play. Left to right, winning the ball, calming the play down or urging it forward, he has it all.  The team really missed Ken, you may not realise it, but without a calm midfielder, our midfield core is easily breakable. Him being here adds more depth to that midfield, which leads to more competition. But I honestly wouldn’t drop him for anyone, not even Wilshere.

Clean sheet and a win.

I don’t think any Gooner gave two shits to how we win, we could of punched the ball in and I’d still be ecstatic. A clean sheet against Stoke isn’t easy, any team having to defend against Crouch will struggle, so I’m fucking delighted we didn’t let them have a shot on target! 1 point off Spurs at 4th, with them having a game in hand. West Brom can beat them tomorrow, or at least hold them to a draw. Wouldn’t that make our weekend fucking great! Anyway, let’s just take these games 1 at a time, cause the race for 4th (ambitious right!) is getting hawt!

Back tomorrow.



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Nacho time!

nachoSorry. I’m so sorry. You guys don’t deserve that Daily Mail style title, I just found it funny and thought I’d try it. Never again will you see such a cringey cheesy title, unless we sign someone called Burrito. Then it’s ”Burrito time!”

My jokes are so bad.

So, anyway. Beginning of yesterday rumors were flying around, and there were a lot of mentions of Dick Law. I don’t know if the guy is real or if it’s some Spud tricking me. Whatever it was we knew he was in Spain for Arsenal trying to get some work done! First it was David Villa, then it was some guy from Bilbao, and then it was Nacho Monreal. I’ll be honest with you I’ve only ever seen Monreal play twice, so don’t expect me to go in to how ‘world-class’ he is, cause for all I know he might not be. But from what the ‘Arsecynic’ told me, he’s a no messing around Left-back. He’s not there too dazzle down that wing, he’s there to slam anyone who comes his way, just what we need really. Nacho Monreal has won 82.8% of his tackles this season. Let’s hope this lad is quality.

Should he start against Stoke? Yes he fucking should! I don’t care if he’s only been here two days, Santos can’t come near this team ever again. As a character he’s hilarious. As a footballer he’s non-existent. I feel bad for him, he tries, and the team means the world to him. But he’s just not good enough for us, end of.

I’m happy with this signing, it gives us more competition at Left-back and adds more experience to this squad. Even if this transfer was meant for the Summer, you can see that ‘le boss is trying to add competition to most positions. Jenkinson is still fighting Sagna for the Right-back spot. In the midfield we have Wilshere, Rosicky, Cazorla, Arteta, Coquelin, Ramsey and Diaby. That’s a good start when it comes to depth. In attack another winger/striker would help a lot, but with the form Theo and Giroud are in, I think we’re alright for now!

Despite the Monreal transfer, I’m still bloody pissed off that no one else was brought it. We have depth, but with the players we were linked with, we should of done better. Diame for example, 3.5 Million and he was ours. Yes, he’s no Wilshere, but he’s a squad player and would inject a bit more competition in to this side. David Vila, from what we know he wanted to leave, and it still seems likely that he’ll join in the Summer. But I do think that we should of pushed harder for him, having a striker of that quality in our ranks would only do us wonders. And waiting till the Summer may be a mistake we’re left ruing!

The game on Saturday awaits, and the inbred Rugby team I mean Stoke City are on their way. They’ll pose a big threat to us. Kewyn Jones, huge. Crouch, huge. Walter, fucking rock solid. Our defence ain’t gonna enjoy Saturday. Giroud on the other hand may relish this chance to throw his weight around, he’s getting better at being the main man, and Stoke’s defence may actually struggle with power for once…


Back tomorrow you Goons!


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Don’t worry guys, we’ll join on the 60th minute.

I think games like these need to be banned, they can’t put me through that much hell! My stomach feels like a fucking zoo down there.. What a game, I have some things to talk about, and they may not be nice things. Or maybe they will be! *Duh*Duh*Duuuuuuh*

Whenever we start games we look so uneasy and unattractive on the ball. We can’t even get 6 passes together before Suarez (at left fucking back) nicks the ball off us.. Then we concede the most idiotic goal I think I’d ever seen, until the second of course. Sagna trips on his own leg giving Johnson plenty of space to cross. The ball is crossed inwards right into Vermaelen’s path, naturally as our captain he smashes the air with force, losses his balance, and then miss the ball all together.  Sturridge finds the ball after TV5’s ‘attempted’ clearance, and see’s his shot save by Chesney. Here comes the best part. The ball saved by Chesney drops to Ramsey, ”hoof it away’ I scream within the awkwardly silent pub, Ramsey doesn’t hear me. He goes for the back heel, always a safe move. The ball fall’s to Suarez, his curling effort is deflected in by Sagna or Per, fucking one of them. What a mess that was! The most appalling defending I’ve seen in a while! The team can’t get away with that. The back form need to form a que and let Tony Adams, Jack Wilshere & Pat Rice give them a fucking slap each! They need to be put in their place.

The second goal was all down to one man, the one hailed as the new messiah for Liverpool, the man said ready to bring the club back to the golden age, this man is Jordan Henderson. The man went on a dazzling run down the left, 5 Arsenal ‘defenders’ close him down. Surely nothing could go wrong? No. I was wrong. He literally ran right next to them for 30 seconds while the rest of the back four were still running into each other. He made room to shoot but saw it saved by Chesney, it fell right back into his patch and had all the time in the world to tap it in. Fucking awful. That’s not how you defend, not at all! You can call yourselves defenders once you FUCKING LEARN THE BASICS.

We went on to score twice through Giroud and Theo, but I’m not gonna go into detail with that, cause with the chances we were creating all game, we should of scored many similar goals..

Why didn’t Wenger bring on any substitutes? We had the OX on the bench, imagine the trouble he could cause to Johnson, especially after being tortured by Walcott all day.. Chamberlain really could of made the difference we needed, the team by minute was running out of fume, and his fresh legs especially could of made a big difference.

Another negative from me. We seem to only join games in the 60th minutes, it’s like all of the sudden we bloody click. And our football becomes fluid and extremely hard to deal with. But the 60 before that, even at home, we just don’t seem capable of stringing together anything at all. That needs to change full stop. Teams do realize and are told pre-game what are the other teams weaknesses, ours is there loud and clear. If teams like Liverpool can come and play us off the park, then we’re seriously in trouble..

I was slightly cheered up with the sight of Giroud and Walcott still scoring, we need these sort of players to keep any hope around this club alive. We’d always struggle with van Persie gone, but these two are turning into some great finishers and are giving us some strong competition for the front man spot!

Transfer Deadline day has finally started, this one will be interesting. I have no idea what will happen.

This will be exciting.

Back tomorrow!



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Were we interested in them in the first place!?

”Just like Arsenal, always cheating” That chant is fucking frustrating. I went to our Carling Cup semi-final second leg clash vs Ipswich (God that’s a mouthful) and every bloody time a player was fouled or hacked to the ground, all you’d hear is ”Just like Arsenal, always cheating”. That makes no sense! If someone is fouled it’s a foul! Even the most idiotic brain-dead fan would realize it.

I hate a lot of things in football. 

Spurs, bloody Spurs. Every year once they get a few points ahead the same statements come out from their little caves. Mind the gap. That’s what they tell us. They tell us to mind the gap. Are they fucking serious? Yes, they’re serious. Funny people aren’t they those Spuds. 

But I love this game as well, a lot more than I hate it. 

The joy of beating Spurs is something else. That’s a feeling which stays for days. Loosing to them actually makes you feel like you’ll cry, that’s why I personally love the game, cause it can actually make you feel like you’re gonna cry. I remember my girlfriend (Whose a Gooner! How lucky am I!) on the verge of tears after our 2-1 defeat to Porto, that was amusing. She denies it. I know it happened though!


I’ve honestly lost all interest in the transfer window, there’s nothing happening. I spent the whole of last January searching for any target or rumor I could find, yet we ended up with nothing. I take a bit of hope from Wenger’s smile when asked about Jovetic (Is that sad?!) and the fact he hasn’t said we ain’t signing anyone. Yep. I’m that desperate. Do I think we’ll sign anyone, I bloody hope so. How can a team be this close to completion yet always feel so far away?! I suggest me and Wenger meet up and have a chat, with my transfer wisdom and great ideas I’d lead this club to success for years! That was a bit ”Wenger out” like wasn’t it? Love it how they seem to know how to run a football club better than Wenger! Fun times.

Also, just because Newcastle bought this guy and that guy, and that other French guy (I know there names, it was a joke. Funny right?) doesn’t mean we were ever interested! They’re thousands of players in the world but every time a decent one moves to an English club, all I hear is ”There you go! Another player snatched under Wenger’s nose!” Were they even under Wenger’s nose in the first place? Who fucking knows! We don’t have inside knowledge in the club..

So anyway, I think we’ll beat Liverpool on Wednesday. And that’s all I have to say about that. 

Back tomorrow. 




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Bogey team..

Olivier+Giroud+of+ArsenalOn a windy Sunday evening sits a man of great respect, a man with such power that none will dare challenge, a man with a coat they say un-zip-able. This man is Arsene Wenger. It’s January the 27th. No players have been signed, fuck?

Yes, it’s getting kinda frustrating now. This team is a strong team in my opinion, but is only a few players away from being world-class. World-class. Isn’t that word used a lot. What is world-class? Messi? Yeah Messi. And Eboue naturally. Anyway, this team is very close to something special. We have experience and some young exciting players, and Wilshere keeping it all together nicely. You look at the squad and think ”Get another LB for depth, a strong midfielder, and David Villa.” that’s all we need at this point.

We’re capable at beating anyone in the League, our team is strong enough. But are we happy with 4th? Are we Spurs?!? No we’re fucking not. The club should be aiming higher as should Wenger. And I’m not one of those deluded cunts who seemed to think Wenger doesn’t want to win anything, I’m just saying without signing anyone we’re not really showing any ambition. One player would do with the rate we’re going at. David Villa is 31 years old, he’s Spain’s all time leading goal-scorer, and he’s still a class player. Now Wenger should be going after him, he fits into a perfect player for Arsenal. He’s a proven goal-scorer and can play on the wing, what else do we fucking need from a player?!

And with the whole 30M bid dying down, I kinda feel like this is gonna be a quiet window. But there’s one thing keeping my dim hopes alive. He’s yet to confirm any desire in not signing anyone, he’s still sticking by wanting to spend. And I know we’ve heard it all before, but I want some sort of hope to stick by!

Moving swiftly on.

Is there anything to talk about except transfers?

Liverpool lost to Oldham, that’s funny I guess.

I didn’t need any reassuring that Liverpool were shit before we play them on Wednesday, I’m truly confident we’ll beat them, and I don’t say that a lot. We always seem to show up against Liverpool, or even play shit and still not loose.. Maybe we’re their bogey club! That would be nice seeing their fans are so bloody deluded. Have you read a comment section on  a Liverpool article after they win? They start talking about ”Coming back to the top” No. It’s not happening. Suarez will be off to Bayern with Guardiola, and I’m sorry you’re not coming back up to the top four. This has become a bit off the topic.

So anyway.

Let’s hope for a good week for us Gooners.

Back tomorrow!


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Onwards and upwards!

_65529220_65529219Onwards and upwards, it’s a mentality, a mentality which Arsenal look to be adapting too. We struggle to keep consistency, we really bloody struggle. Arsene just needs to take these games one at a time, don’t aim for a certain amount of points each month, just play to win.

I’m not as happy with this result that I thought I would be, of course I’m happy we won, but the goals we let in were just plain ridiculous!

We weren’t even beaten in the air for the first one, no player needed to jump for BAH seeing as we opened a path for them so stroll through, bloody awful really. I feel like I’m giving off the impression that I’m one of those Gooners who complains when we win, I’m not. But we have to stay realistic, two wins in a row is fucking brilliant seeing our form. Now we need to build on that, Liverpool better be shitting themselves.

Back to the goals we conceded, the second one show why I’m whining on about the negatives. Their goal may look like a decent goal, you know, a good cross finished with a banging header. Oh no no, that’s not what it was. Watch the goal as many times as you want and you’ll clearly see no pressure from the midfield on the Brighton midfielder, he got through the second path we built for them and played it too the winger, it gets worse. Santos.. Bloody Santos, leaves the winger open, makes no attempt at closing him down, giving the winger all the time in the world to send in the cross. None of our defenders got near to clearing the incoming ball, bang, 2-2. And yes, I don’t bloody know the Brighton players names, I’m not very knowledgeable with the Championship..

But, I can’t criticise our goals, you know why? I sure know why. It’s cause the sexiest man alive struck twice once again, GIROUD! Giroud A.K.A the flop is on fire, scoring twice today made it 13 this season I believe, add 9 assist to that and that’s a good start to your first season! His first was a well taken curling effort from the edge of the box, Podolski the ‘assist man’ got the assist again.. This wasn’t a very ‘Giroud’ goal, seeing as most fans associate him as the guy to bundle them in to the net. But watch him last season with Monpellier and beauts like that aren’t rare. His second effort was Van Persie ‘esque’ Diaby’s stunning chip over the entire BAH defence saw Giroud latch onto his second. Maybe it wasn’t as clean as Persie’s are, but it still was a dificulte goal to score. More fantasy football points for me!

This was a much more inspired performance than our Bradford one, hopefully the teams now realised they can win the F.A cup. I personally think they can, they’ve put in some strong performances lately, and will only get better. And we need that fucking monkey off our back. Everything we do is linked with the blimming 8 year draught, people forget every team has had a draught. And most teams buy their way out of it. Give the team time lads, I really think they’ll surprise us!

Liverpool on Wednesday, players got a rest today, all pans out well doesn’t it!?

Back tomorrow!


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